Requesting tissue

Request tissue

To apply for tissue within the Netherlands, you can contact the Dutch Transplant Foundation (NTS).

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International requests

+31 (0) 71 408 3940


To request tissue, you can contact the Netherlands Transplantation Foundation (NTS).

The NTS is responsible for allocating released heart valves and uses a set of fixed criteria to allocate heart valves to patients waiting for a heart valve transplant. These criteria include medical urgency, physical characteristics (diameter), age and regional distribution.


For patients outside the Netherlands, you can contact ETB-BISLIFE directly.
To request cardiovascular tissue, your patient needs to be registered on our waiting list.

Online requests
If you already have an account, you can register your patient at any time. You can access your customer details via your account whenever you need to. Your account allows you to:

  • Register patients online. The registration form will be automatically submitted to ETB-BISLIFE.
    A confirmation message with a copy (in PDF format) of the patient registration attached will be sent to your mail box.
  • Review your registered patients in a single overview.

Apply for an account

Account rules and guidelines 

Fax or email
You can also submit your request via fax or e-mail. In that case, please download the Heart valve recipient registration form, complete it and return it to us by fax or e-mail.

If you have any questions about our grafts and how to request them, you can contact us during office hours.


Subject to consultation with you, cardiovascular tissue will be delivered on the date and at the address specified by you. To ensure that the order is delivered in time and in good condition, we mostly use our own door-to-door courier service. The tissue will be shipped one day before the surgery.

If the surgery is scheduled for a Monday, the tissue will be shipped on Friday, subject to consultation with the hospital.

The shipping container comprises the following components:

  • A follow-up form for the tissue in question
  • A description of the cardiovascular tissue in question
  • Description of the thawing procedure
  • A declaration confirming that no signs of communicable diseases were found in serology tests on donor serum or in bacteriological and pathological examinations of the tissue.

Price information

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) periodically sets the rates applicable to the supply of cardiovascular tissues within the Netherlands. In addition to the costs of the tissue, ETB-BISLIFE will charge shipment costs separately. Registration for the waiting list and the search for a suitable graft are free of charge.

You will receive our invoice after we have found a suitable graft and shipped it to you.

For more information about prices, you can contact ETB-BISLIFE.