Supervisory board

The supervisory board of ETB-BISLIFE supervises the performance of the management team, policies pursued and social interest of the organisation. In addition, the board acts as a sounding board, advisor and discussion partner for the management team. The supervisory board also fulfils the role of employer for the management team.

The supervisory board's duties, responsibilities and powers are governed by the Supervisory Board Regulations. These regulations include the positioning, powers, responsibilities, composition, approach, appointment process and procedure upon resignation of the supervisory board.

 In its composition, the supervisory board ensures diversity by gender, social background, expertise and role in the team. The supervisory board consists of six members who are appointed for a four-year term with the possibility of a subsequent four-year extension. The supervisory board operates within the framework of the Governancecode Zorg (Healthcare Governance Code). In the case of appointments, procedures are followed as laid down in the statutes and regulations of the supervisory board. Appointments of supervisors are made on the basis of a public profile.

The composition of the supervisory board in 2023 is as follows:

  • H.J.C. de Wit (chair)
  • E.A.J. van de Merwe (deputy chair)
  • R. van den Braak RA (member)
  • Mr. R.M.S. Doppegieter (member)
  • Drs. E. Moerman (member)
  • Ir. M.A. Wetzels (member)