Requesting tissue

Requesting corneal tissue in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a waiting list for donor corneas. To request tissue, you can contact the Netherlands Transplantation Foundation (NTS). The NTS uses a set of fixed criteria to determine the patient to whom an available cornea will be allocated. The NTS will then inform us about the hospital to which the cornea needs to be sent.

Requesting corneal tissue internationally

If you wish to request a donor cornea for a foreign patient, you can contact us directly. To request tissue, you will need to register your patient for our waiting list. As soon as we have received your registration, we will try to find a suitable cornea donor in its network of national and international cornea banks.

For typed corneas, the patient will be entered into the central matching procedure for Dutch donor corneas.

Fax or e-mail
You can send us your registration via fax or e-mail. Please download the Cornea Recipient Information Form, complete it and return it to us via fax or e-mail.

If you have any questions about our grafts and how to request them, you can contact us during office hours.

Requesting scleral tissue

Once the cornea preparations have been completed, the eyeball will be fully cleaned on the inside, removing tissue such as the iris, the vitreous humour and the retina. This results in a ‘bare’ bulbus oculi that consists entirely of scleral tissue. The entire sclera can be used for prosthetic purposes after enucleations in patients with eye tumours. Quadrants and segments of the sclera can be used for glaucoma surgery.

You can request an entire sclera, or quadrants or segments. These will be delivered in a 70% alcohol solution.

To request scleral tissue, please download the Orderform Sclera, complete it and return it to us via fax or e-mail.

Requesting amniotic tissue

The amnion is obtained during a caesarean section, with permission from the pregnant mother; the amniotic membrane is freeze-dried, but can also be prepared frozen or vacuum-packed, if necessary. The amniotic membrane is a good upper layer and offers protection during recovery of the outer epithelial layer of the cornea.

Small pieces of this amnion for “transplantation” are used for non-healing ulcers caused by e.g. viral infections (incl. Herpes Zoster, Herpes Simplex) and other situations involving large-area epithelial injuries. Amniotic tissue is also used after chemical injuries to the eye, due to which the stem cells that normally facilitate surface healing can be severely damaged.

To request amniotic tissue please download the Orderform Amnion, complete it and return it to us via fax or e-mail.

Cornea delivery

Shipment of the cornea to the transplantation centre will take place on the day before the scheduled surgery. To ensure that the order is delivered in time and in good condition, we use our own door-to-door courier service. Alternatively, the order can be collected from the airport closest to your hospital.

The turnaround time between the time of acceptance of a cornea and its shipment is three days, because the cornea first has to be prepared for shipment. Urgent deliveries are only possible if the cornea in question has already been prepared for shipment.

Sclera and amnion delivery

In principle, we have scleral and amniotic tissue in stock. Tissue orders are delivered by courier. On working days, tissue can be delivered within 12 to 24 hours.

Urgent orders
If your order is urgent, please contact us.

  • Telephone: +31 (0) 71 408 3971

Price information

In addition to the costs of the tissue, ETB-BISLIFE will charge shipment costs separately. Registration for the waiting list and the search for a suitable graft are free of charge.You will receive our invoice after we have found a suitable graft and shipped it to you.

For more information about prices, you can contact ETB-BISLIFE.