Innovation and development

Innovation and development

Innovation, scientific research and knowledge sharing are fundamental to ETB-BISLIFE

ETB-BISLIFE has set up a Knowledge Network which aims to intensify cooperation with external parties (laboratories, research institutes, users) in the fields of innovation and (pre/clinical) scientific research. This might include tissue engineering, cell therapy or product and process innovation.

ETB-BISLIFE is involved in the following projects:

    ETB-BISLIFE is a partner in EGALiTE (European Group for Accreditation and Liaison of Blood Tissues and Cells Establishments). This is an EU-funded project in which various European institutions that acquire, process, store and/or distribute substances of human origin (blood, tissue, cells) will work together in the European context to better manage the consequences of unforeseen emergencies. EGALiTE aims to promote the mutual harmonisation of practices and thus improve the continuity of blood, cell and tissue supply in Europe.

  • VitalTissue
    This is a collaborative project with hospitals and research centres in the Netherlands whose aim is to make post-operative residual human tissue from patients, which is normally destroyed, available for biomedical research.

  • EDQM
    Revision of European Tissues & Cells Guide (EDQM 6th edition); this manual provides technical guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of human tissues and cells for application in patients.