Storage Bone tissue

Bone tissue and tendon tissue removed from donors is stored under controlled conditions. A number of special freezers have been installed for this purpose in the state-of-the-art facilities at the Leiden Bio Science Park. These freezers are supervised 24/7.

Immediately after explantation, the tissue is placed in the “quarantine” section in the storage facility, where it is retained until the donor file is complete and has been assessed.

After the explanted donor tissue has been declared safe, it is stored in the “released” section.

Part of the released bone tissue is processed by ETB-BISLIFE itself into ready-to-use bone chips. This is done at our own processing facility in Nijmegen. Tissue from post-mortem donors is sent to processors in other countries, where it is prepared for transplantation on behalf of ETB-BISLIFE.

During this process, the tissue is cleaned, any pathogens which are present are removed, and the tissue is sawn, ground or cut to size and packaged, so that each transplant product will ultimately be suitable for use by the treating professional.

After processing, the tissue is stored in the “stock” section, where it will be held until an orthopaedic surgeon submits a request for it.

The tissue is subsequently packed on dry ice and taken to the treatment location by a selected transport company. For ‘urgent orders’, this can often be done on the same day.

Autologous cranial bone

ETB-BISLIFE stores cranial bone (bone fragment) for autologous applications, for which it collaborates with a significant number of the neurosurgical centres in the Netherlands. This tissue becomes available when a patients undergoes a decompressive craniectomy and the cranial bone is not returned during the same surgery. We store cranial bone under controlled conditions and returns the bone tissue upon the hospital’s request.

Please use the following forms for registering an autologous bone fragment or for requesting the return of a fragment:

For more information on intermediate storage of autologous cranial bone, please send an email to: