Quality and safety

Quality and safety

ETB-BISLIFE continuously invests in improving working methods and knowledge development in the area of grafts and services. This translates into knowledge about the creation of grafts across the full breadth of the process: retrieval, screening, and processing and preservation techniques.

Crucial precondition for this is a close collaboration with donor hospitals, transplantation centres, laboratories, specialist tissue processors and other tissue institutions and tissue banks, both in the Netherlands and Europe and the rest of the world.

Together with a number of other European tissue banks, ETB-BISLIFE is working on the development of European Good Tissue Practices in order to contribute to the continued development of professional standards in the tissue sector.

ETB-BISLIFE works in accordance with the latest scientific insights as much as possible. Our facilities are equipped in accordance with these insights and applicable laws and regulations.

Our employees receive relevant training, focusing not only on knowledge of and skills in their primary duties but also on attention to aspects including regulations and the quality management system. Of course, refresher training is a continuous area of focus. “Professional, knowledgeable and committed”, is a frequently heard comment from external auditors about our staff.