Product range

ETB-BISLIFE acts as an intermediary for surgeons who are looking for a donor cornea. Our product range is listed below.

Eye tissueTissue codeTissue code
CorneaPKP, Code 0Corneoscleral buttons for penetrating keratoplasty in emergency patients.
 PKP, randomCorneoscleral buttons for penetrating keratoplasty, non-matched.
 PKP, typed matchedCorneoscleral buttons for penetrating keratoplasty, HLA-matched.
 PLKPCorneoscleral buttons for posterior lamellar keratoplasty.
 ALKPCorneoscleral buttons for anterior lamellar keratoplasty.
 DALKCorneoscleral buttons for deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty.
 pre-cut DSAEKPre-cut posterior lamella for posterior lamellar keratoplasty.
 pre-stripped DMEKPre-stripped Descemet membrane with endothelial layer for posterior
lamellar keratoplasty.
ScleraScleraScleral tissue to be used for coverage as part of glaucoma surgery, eye/eyelid reconstruction