In 1981 the Cornea Bank Amsterdam was set up as the result of a project of the Research Group for Cornea Preservation (part of the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute – NORI), to develop a preservation method for human eye tissue.

The Cornea Bank Amsterdam used to be located in the IOI (Inter-University Ophthalmic Institute), but in late 2009 relocated to the Euro Skin Bank in Beverwijk, to become part of the Euro Tissue Bank. With effect from 1 January 2018, all banks merged and form one multi tissue center under the name ETB-BISLIFE.



  • European Eye Bank Association (EEBA)
    The EEBA is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the processes used by cornea banks to maximise the benefits for the recipients of the tissues supplied.

  • Maastricht University, Department of Ophthalmology
    In 2014, ETB-BISLIFE started a research collaboration with Maastricht University, in particular with doctor R.M.M.A Nuijts, Professor of Cornea Transplant and Refractive Surgery

  • Cornea Working Group of the Netherlands Ophthalmology Society (NOG)
    The collaboration agreement with the Cornea Working Group governs the relationship between ETB-BISLIFE and the transplanting ophthalmic surgeons. The Cornea Working Group is the NOG’s cornea department.

  • Gebauer
    ETB-BISLIFE collaborates with Gebauer in equipment development.

  • Rotterdam Eye Hospital