Abstract submission EATCB now open!

Abstract submission EATCB now open!

 Abstract submission EATCB now open!  


The abstract submission page for submitting your abstract for the EATCB Conference is now open. Please submit your abstract before 30 June 2019! 

The main topic of the congress is : “Tissue banking and Technology. What is the impact of new technologies“

Please feel free to submit a paper about tissues (cornea, heartvalves, skin, bone, amnion, nerves, arteries and veins) tissue  engineering, stem cells, 3D printing, decellularisation  of tissues, but also the use of human tissues from a clinical point of view. How are the tissues applied in patients and what are the results? Also presentations about other fields related to tissue banking can be submitted (pancreatic islets, adipose tissue or reproductive tissue and so on).
Furthermore, your presentations on ongoing European projects, microbiology and safety are very welcome.

We hope to welcome many abstracts. 


Submit your abstract 


more information: WWW.EATCB2019.ORG